Monday, July 8, 2013


What we did today:
We began our day by eating a big breakfast cooked for us by the men of Christ St. Paul’s and attending the 10:30 church service. We then went on to Charleston for a day of fun. Once in Charleston, groups split off  and explored the city until we reconvened at 4:15 to walk to St. John's. We had the opportunity to meet their youth who welcomed us very warmly. We heard many touching stories that got us ready to start our week. We then had dinner in Charleston and headed back to Christ St. Paul’s for some discussion of the day and then lights out- better get rested for the first day of work!

Student Reflections:

For our first student reflections, I asked the three youth leaders (Savannah, Hanna, and Sarah) to sum up  their expectations for the week by sharing with us one thing they hope for and one thing they fear.

Hanna DelSignore:
“This is my fourth mission trip and I have recently come to the realization that that equals almost a whole month of missions. Whole month of my life spent helping people and growing closer to God. Tat month of the life is hads down the best spent month. Each mission I go on is different than the last and full of different excitements and reservations. This year is no different, but unlike years before I am most excited to get to know the resident. Not just build a home for them, but to have an emotional connection with them. Last year I unexpectedly grew very close to the resident and I am praying for that same relationship again this year. This year is honestly my first year with out any reservations, I’m completely open minded and willing to go where ever God directs me.”

Savannah Reeves:
“This week I am most excited to build my relationships with all the youth and leaders here. I am also excited to build my faith up while working and through worship. I am excited to spend time helping the communities of Charleston and Hollywood. I want to get to meet members of the community and build relationships with them. This week I am anxious about the endings coming. I am anxious about this being my last missions trip with YMO. I am worried I am going to be too focused on the fact that the end  is approaching and not on all that is happening. I want to focus on enjoying the trip this week instead of thinking about this being the end. I am looking forward to a fun week with awesome people.”

Sarah Thornton:
“As we head into my third mission trip with St. James, I am looking forward to another life changing experience with new and familiar faces. Returning to South Carolina has brought up some sentimental feelings from my first trip. Now, as one of the leaders, I am reflecting and preparing for my last week as a YMO student. I feel wiser and more mature than I did two years ago, but I still do have some worries and anxieties. I’m anxious to see who our resident is and how we will be transforming as friends and people under God, but I am also excited to make the best of the whole situation and learn from the whole week. Each moment is a lesson learned and an opportunity to grow as a Christian. I can’t wait to help the risingYMO members see their lives change for the better and love every second of it. I remember being scared for change, but YMO has opened my heart and mind and I can’t wait for others to have the experiences I have had. Let’s make this another memorable week YMO!

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  1. This is during my prayer time and I thought looking at your pictures and reading about the trip so far would be a great way to connect to those on the trip. Ladies all three of your posts brought tears to my eyes. Your openness and love are amazing. Thank you!!!