Friday, July 12, 2013


Today, we completed the platforms for the decks for another house. We also finished installing the sheetrock in the bathroom and painting it light blue, installing the last window, and installing the skirting. At the end of the day, the large job of completing the plumbing was finished, and everyone was packing up to leave, but God had other plans! A joint suddenly broke in the plumbing, sending water everywhere in the bathroom! A few adults(Seldon, Simon, and Chris) stayed after when everyone else left for dinner to fix the problem. We are all thankful that this happened, though, because the men came back to us with several stories of conversations with the homeowner that they wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to have. We are SO excited to spend a few last hours with the homeowner tomorrow and worship with her. The jobs are pretty much complete on the house, before a few *surprise* final touches....more to come tomorrow!!

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