Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The second day on the site went great! We made a lot of progress on the trailer and the students are starting to see a big difference. The homeowner let us know that she enjoyed sitting on her new back porch and that what we were doing meant so much to her. The entire house is done being washed, the back porch is almost finished, the old insulation is torn out and the new is starting to be put in. On the inside, there is progress in the bathroom- the tiles have been removed and demo has begun on the molding wall. YMO has made a tremendous difference already and they are ready to continue the job tomorrow. Tonight we had the opportunity to go to Rural mission for their Seafood Jamboree- the night was filled with worship. songs, and dancing.

Today's reflections are from Stephen Walker and Derek Bedard.

"This will mark my 3rd year with YMO and man has it changed who I am. Threes years back I was just a massachusetts kid getting thrown into a church group from Warrenton and I had no clue what to expect. But boy was I overwhelmed with how Nice these kids were and how they welcomed a Boston kid into their group. And I knew right away that they would be my extended family. Today especially heard and noticed a god sighting. Kyle was saying tonight that he noticed our bus driver David donating money to Linda (Leader of Rural Missions) at the seafood jamboree. When we met David he looked like all he cared about was his bus and that's it. But he has joined our lunch prayers and tonight Linda asked for donations and David walked all the way back to his bus to grab his wallet and put money in, so this little sighting just shows that God works in crazy and awesome ways."

Starting off the day while leading devotion was an awkward but amazing time. I have never lead a devotion for that many people. I was really surprised at how much I was able to do without failing hilariously. Honestly, it was a nice change. One of my personal goals for this mission trip was to gain confidence and to emerge as a leader. It was nice getting to do those things today. Throughout the day I experienced many highs and few lows. I honestly think the birds are the kings of all the groups. I had an awesome time working on the job site today, especially with Ryan. Although dinner did not go the way I expected it to, it was nice. The game of assassins we started today is crazy. Half of the people are out already. I made a huge mistake in the game but I'll bounce back. Overall today was a great day. I had a ton if fun in God's name and did one of my favorite things, which is helping

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